Lest we forget, a tribute to my son Furkan Isik, Second Lieutenant,

Edited by father Zeki Isik,

I remember your first infancy days..
  and glow in your eyes..
    and those gentle faces staring at you..
       you were the only one yearned for..
         with the mystic heavenly adored freshness..
            the name Furkan what merged with your identity..
   was already honored before you were born..
     and proudly for almost four years I embraced you..
       and happily carried you on my shoulders..
         with no resentment nor any feeling of  a bit discomfort..
my dear son..
            and here the prays of your heavenly mother..
            and comes the birth of your only sibling, Utku..
    you both so much enjoyed the thrill of the brotherhood..
        as you have always cared for him..

though the fact that there can be no limit to the stretch of the words to tell you..
            I just feel you here now whispering to my ear “no need daddy, no need daddy”..
                son.. you always gave yourself for others..
      you were so much humble.. and never wanted to underestimate others..
         although you were the soul and the engine of many things achieved..
          ohh my green-eyed pearl..      
            you were much much better from many of those who show..
              but do nothing.. 
and although as we were rightfully proud of you..
     since we were just able to raise a son like you,
     but with your honesty and morality,
     you were able to excel by yourself, and build up your merits..
       and were able to help others..

surely we owe you son.. not just for your caring of your heavenly mother..
but we are indebt to you for the beauty of the days you shared with us,
       and for the generosity you always offered..
you were our eagle guarding the family under his powerful wings.
            you sacrificed so much for us.. and gave your life with no doubt..
but what we gave you has been just a nil son.

You my great son: you were just 22 as you achieved a lot,
you will never be forgotten..
  at least by three warm hearts you left behind..
    and those who loved you..
      and those you loved will always remember you..
         and we promise you son, this is what you deserve..
with your sacred body and your unique soul...
  you laid down for your home country..
   for the enduring essence of our great nation..
    for the eternal peace and for the freedom of thoughts
     and for our divine values..

I salute you Lieutenant, my Dear Brother, and stand for your courageous self-giving to protect us and our home country.  (Brother Utku)

And son, sure no one knows how to thank you..
    as our tears subside..  our eyes dry..
        our pray will always be with you..
           and with those other eighth heroes who reached to the heaven..
   for the same reason at the same day,
      as it was the September, 1st, 2006. 

and we appeal not any other human life be ignored any more..
    and not be sacrificed any more..
        and even more we appeal for the name of others who sacrificed their lives..
        and not to be forgotten in their graveyards..

God bless you soldier and god bless our country..

And shame on those so called respectful channels like BBC, didn’t even cover your name, your pure innocence in their broadcasting..!!..

The translation of this document to English is bestowed on his glory of Furkan Isık, by Dr. Mustafa Sakalli, his foster uncle.